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Laxmi Narayanan

Lakshmi Narayanan (LNR)

Founding Team
Board Member

20+ years Serial Entrepreneur
Real Estate and Capital Markets
Venture Investing

Lakshmi is a responsible business strategist, enabling various entrepreneurs in building their ventures profitable with purpose driven goals for 20+ years.

Lakshmi is part of the founding team and a managing member. He leads the organizational strategy, public relations, and product innovation with his team. He will be the primary connection for any global relationship.


Lakshmi is a seasoned impact investor and serial entrepreneur. He currently represents two family offices – LNR Family Office and Patel Family Office. He actively occupies and participates in various general partnerships of the funds, profitable operating entities, and not-for-profit boards on behalf of the family offices.

Lakshmi founded several successful entities including the Real Estate Fund in the Asian market (exited in 2011), one of India’s largest real estate underwriting companies (exited in 2012) that underwrote and managed $8 billion in assets, one of India’s leading education entities (partially exited in 2017), and one of India’s leading franchising advisory companies (exited in 2014).


Lakshmi is currently involved in a leadership role in building the first national housing company in the United States, Homz Global – a $15 billion venture, that is building 75,000 attainable, sustainable, integrated housing units across the United States, addressing America’s housing problem in an innovative way.

Lakshmi is actively involved in various social ventures that touch people’s lives and impact individualistic lives towards achieving holistic wellness of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.


Lakshmi is an engineering graduate from India. He has a master’s degree from the UK and is a certified Senior Executive Fellow of Harvard Kennedy Government School. He is a globe trotter, having travelled over 60 countries and fluent in 8 languages.

Lakshmi has actively participated in 150+ startups through funds and as well as personally across various regions in India, Singapore Middle East, North America, and Canada.

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