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GreatOne was established to enable everyone to build a balanced digital asset portfolio for digital asset wealth creation and preservation.

GreatOne is an initiative of The Patel Family Office, one of the oldest family offices, with over 50 years of history in giving back to the community.

No, GreatOne is executing not-for-profit initiatives and therefore will NOT be issuing any tokens or coins.

No. GreatOne’s tools and strategies are being offered for free and will remain free.

The GreatOne team strongly believes in Investor protection and financial literacy, so that everyone can achieve financial freedom; therefore, all of GreatOne’s initiatives are funded by the “give back” initiatives of The Patel Family Office.

Yes, only registered users can access GreatOne tools.

Yes, registration is 100% free.

Yes, registration is open for everyone to join.

Yes, all of the data that’s shared in GreatOne is fully secured.  We do not share data with anyone and do not use it for any other purpose.

GreatOne’s tools support a robust platform that will help you diagnose the strength and weaknesses of your portfolio and provide recommendations that support your stated investment goals.

No, your accounts are fully controlled by you. You can grant “read only” access to use the GreatOne platform.

No, GreatOne is not a trading or product selling platform.

GreatOne is bringing the most successful legacy strategies from the traditional financial world to the modern, digital asset world.

No, GreatOne will keep users’ strategies fully confidential.

Yes, you can evaluate your portfolio in real time and you can do retroactive/postmortem analysis.

Yes, you will have full visibility for all platforms/exchanges/wallets that you use to invest and access is 100% free.

GreatOne is collecting registration information now so we can share updates about the launch of the platform in advance.

The first set of products will be launched on August 15th.

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We are currently working on creating something amazing for you. The DAD Foundation website will be up soon. Stay Tuned!