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Tokenizing Structured Notes

Access Institutional-Grade, Capital Protected, Asset Linked Opportunities.

GreatOne enables investors to exert greater control over the defined outcomes of their investments and real estate crypto token.

Structured Notes are the most powerful portfolio tool to help an investor target and achieve a level of expected returns. The current Structured Note market is largely outdated, lacks transparency, and is generally inaccessible for many. Most of the time, the opportunities are specific to geography.


With the legacy system being challenged and technology changing offerings through automation and customization, product democratization remains an everlasting challenge. We believe tokenization is the best possible way to globally democratize any financial product.

For the investors, GreatOne tokenization could make Structured Notes more accessible, trabsparent, fater, easier and cheaper to transact.

For the asset owners, GreatOne unlocks illiquid assets offering liquidity.

Why Structured Note Tokens?

Structured Note Tokens are digital asset portfolio balancers. The notes can act as a core holding in an investor's portfolio by provinding downside protection and improving the risk / return profile in wealth creation.

Structured Note Tokens give the token owner greater control and flexibility in constructing their portfolio, enabling targeted predicable returns.

Benefits of Structured Note Tokens
Benefits of Structured Note Tokens - Mobile View


Structured Notes



Notes Tokens

Attributes Traditional Structured Notes Structured Note Token
Principle Protection Yes Yes
Investor Geography Restriction Yes No-Global Access
Yield Enhancement Yes Yes
Upside Participation Yes Yes
Invetment Participation Restriction Yes No
Tradability Restrict Frictionless
Traceability No Yes
Cost and Governance Transparency Limited Limitless

How it works?

SNT are Security Tokens Offerings they are structured with four core attributes depending upon the products for the investor

Security Tokens Offerings structured with 4 core attributes
Security Tokens Offerings structured with 4 core attributes - Mobile View

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