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When was the last time you have evaluated the strength of your digital asset portfolio beyond just return on investments.

As an investor, you may be familiar with how to evaluate a traditional portfolio’s performance, but what you might not know is what metrics are used to evaluate a digital asset portfolio. Digital assets can not be valued in the same methodologies that traditional assets are, such as price-to-earnings ratios, discounted cash flows or the capital asset pricing model. As bitcoin and other digital assets continue to grow and evolve, the methods in which they are evaluated must grow and evolve with it.

According to CoinDesk, one method to evaluate digital assets is the network value-to-transaction ratio, or NVT ratio. This is calculated by dividing the market-capitalization of a digital asset by the transaction value over a set period of time. NVT ratio mirrors the Price-to-Earnings ratio used in the stock market, but uses ‘Daily Transaction Value’ instead of ‘Earnings Per Share’ to represent a digital asset’s “base utility”. A high NVT ratio may suggest that the digital asset is overvalued, whereas a lower NVT ratio may suggest the asset is undervalued. 

Evaluate your Digital Asset Portfolio regularly
Another method that can be used to evaluate digital assets is the market-value-to-real-value ratio, or MVRV. This is the ratio between the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency to the value of tokens that are out of use. These tokens may be stuck or abandoned in inactive wallets. Additionally, a more simplified way to find the basic value of a digital asset is by taking a look at the number of daily active users or network access. This would show how volatile the asset is.

The strength of the actual portfolio is not measured just only the return on investment at a particular time, always remember the past performance or data is not the reflection of any future performance. 

If you’re having trouble doing the evaluation yourself, or if you’re looking for a more in-depth evaluation, GreatOne, a US-registered entity that focuses on wealth creation and preservation using digital assets, is creating a service known as Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Platform. The objective is to enable the platform subscribers to construct healthy and balanced portfolios by displaying a set of scores based on the evaluation of their portfolios. The CPE Platform uses both built-in and user-created metrics. These scores provide an objective measure of the extent to which the portfolio has outperformed or underperformed the respective benchmarks, and are displayed in an easy to read manner.

Evaluate your Digital Asset portfolio performance regularly


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