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The Role of Technology in Modern Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investing has always been a way to invest for the future. Traditional real estate investing methods can be time-consuming, complicated, and stressful. Technology and the rise of digital assets are changing the face of real estate investing. Blockchain makes it possible to invest in fractional shares of properties. The fundamentals of tokenized real estate investments remain the same as traditional methods.

This new system makes it easier for those who want to invest but lack the capital to buy a whole property outright. Investors can take advantage of opportunities in real estate anywhere in the world by purchasing tokens. Tokenization allows for potential liquidity that has not been available in traditional real estate investments.

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Technology and the Rise of Digital Assets

Technology plays a major role in modern real estate investing as the world becomes increasingly digital. The rise of digital assets, blockchain technology and tokenized real estate are just some ways this industry is changing.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become an investment option for those who want to diversify their portfolio or hedge against inflation and economic downturns. While cryptocurrencies are not securities (classified as commodities), companies are starting to issue tokens—or digital representations of real assets like property— or digital assets. This trend has made it possible for investors to buy fractional ownership in properties without having access to large sums of capital or making an all-out purchase on one property at a time.

Fundamentals of Tokenized Real Estate

The fundamentals of tokenized real estate investments remain the same as traditional methods. Investors need to do their research, understand the risks involved, and be able to afford any investment they make. Doing your homework before investing in tokenized real estate is just as important as it is with traditional methods.

Investor interest has grown since the advent of blockchain in real estate because tokenized investments are more accessible than traditional real estate investing methods. With tokenization, individuals can invest in fractional shares in properties worldwide without needing an entire property or significant capital reserves like those required for direct ownership of a single hotel or office building.

How Technology is Driving Real Estate Investment?

  1. AI & Big Data
    Investors should remember that while AI streamlines the real estate investment process, technology can only partially replace the human touch. Technology can be utilized to sort through data and highlight ones fitting certain criteria before an investor digs into research and analysis.

  2. Real Estate Crowdfunding or REITs
    A layman’s term for real estate crowdfunding is real estate investment trusts (REITs). It has facilitated and democratized pulling the financial resources of multiple to own shared properties. As a result, it eliminates the prerequisites for investors to be qualified and reduces the minimum required investment.

  3. Tokenized Real Estate
    Real estate tokenization is representing physical assets into digital tokens or shares. The number of tokens a person has determines what percentage of the asset they own. These tokens, whether they represent shares of a company that owns real estate or a specific piece of real estate, represent direct ownership of an asset. As a result, tokenization substitutes digital token transactions for paper documentation in the real estate industry.

Final Thoughts

Real estate investments can be a great way to secure a future for yourself and your family. Traditional real estate investing methods can be time-consuming and complicated. Technology and the rise of digital assets are changing the face of modern real estate investing. Blockchain technology makes it possible to invest in digital shares of the property.

To manage your portfolio, GreatOne is a comprehensive portfolio evaluation (CPE) platform that acts as a single dashboard for all your investments. Three major products under the GreatOne umbrella include HOMZ, LandX, and GreatX, enabling investors to commit their capital to tokenized real estate. Whether investing in residential real estate or the hospitality industry, GreatOne becomes a go-to option for all modern investors.


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