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Kong Posh Bhat

Kong Posh Bhat (KP)

Director Of Technology

Professional Turned Entrepreneur
25+ Years of Technology development
Merger and Acquisition Experience

Kong Posh is a seasoned technologist, with multidisciplinary experience in software engineering, systems engineering, offshore product development, and M&A.

Kong Posh is the Directory of Technology at GreatOne. In this role, he leads his team in achieving the best possible technology development and implementation at GreatOne.


Kong Posh has worn many hats and he has been involved in developing embedded software for transmission and switching products including digital cross-connects & radio controllers, developing detailed requirements specifications for telecommunications equipment including multiservice terabit routers & digital loop carriers, and managing offshored projects in many areas including network management, field data analytics and IoT.

In his last assignment, he represented Samsung in many standards bodies including Open Mobile Alliance, Home Gateway Initiative, Broadband Forum, and Consumer Technology Association.


As part of his past job at HORIBA International, KP led potential M&A transactions. He also led various negotiations on behalf of HORIBA for strategic business alliances.


Additionally, KP is the Co-Founder of Xinerva Technologies, where he is overseeing the development of innovative solutions for Big Data applications.

KP designed and implemented the Minerva Data Excavation Engine, which scrapes information of interest from the public domain in an extremely efficient and flexible manner.

KP has a BE degree in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar, India, and an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas in Dallas. He also serves as a part-time faculty member in the Computer Science department at the University of Texas.

KP holds 15 USPTO patents to his name, mainly in the areas of machine learning, pattern identification, software upgrade, remote device management, and media data delivery control

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